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What Vegetables to Plant in June – 10 Veg to Sow in June in the UK

The warmer temperatures of summer should be here by now and that means you can get a lot of vegetables planted in June.  We’re hoping that a lot of the crops that you sowed earlier in the year have been showing promise and you’ve even been harvesting vegetables.   Successfully growing vegetables means getting your timing right, using succession sowing to its best means that you will have a continual harvest and therefore great vegetables to eat and preserve throughout the year.  While Spring is the best time of the year to plant most vegetables there are some fabulous vegetables to plant in June.  Come on into the garden and let’s get started!


The Best Vegetables to Plant in June

When it comes to working out what vegetables to sow in June you’ll want to take into account your plan for the year as a whole and what vegetables you’re going to be eating and when. 

Many of the vegetables that you have planted earlier in the year may need thinning out, you’ve hopefully been harvesting some of the quickest growing vegetables and will have room for more veg to plant in June.

Our guide to what vegetables to plant in June in the UK covers planting out vegetables in June, the best veg to grow in June, and what vegetable seeds to sow in June too.


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What 10 Vegetables to Plant in June

When it comes to what to plant in June in the vegetable garden you should continue succession sowing salad leaves, tomatoes and this is the last opportunity for popping some peas in.   The warmer weather of June also means you should continue with any root vegetables that you’re planting, like beetroot, turnip, and carrot.  If you’ve planted any of these root vegetables earlier in the year, then you’ll want to be thinning them out in June.

1. Plant Beetroot in June

I love beetroot.  And homegrown beets are just the best.  For me, beets are one of the best crops to plant in June.  Beet is one of the best vegetables to plant in June UK wide and my guide to growing beetroot is here.

Boltardy is a firm favourite and it’s seriously easy to grow, but if you’re having early success with beets why not try a few different types.  A beet salad of different colours is amazing in the summer.  Beets are also fabulous when it comes to using the leaves to jazz up your summer salads.  If you plant some beets in June, towards the end of the month, then you’ll be harvesting them in September and October.  Beets are also a fabulous vegetable to use in preserves and to store over the winter. Read our guide to preserving beetroot here.

2. Plant More Courgettes and Squash in June

Yes, it’s those darned courgettes again.  They are great veg to grow in June.  I went from never eating them to virtually eating nothing else.  Courgettes are an awesome vegetable to grow, not least because they’re so easy to grow, but also because they are PROLIFIC.  They spread out MASSIVELY if you don’t control them, so they’re also one of the vegetables that we recommend growing in pots or containers.  They make awesome chutney when you run out of recipes, which is a good job for us, as we had so many of them. 

plant courgettes in june

So, if you’re seeing success with courgettes, why not try some squashes and mix it up a little bit?  Variety, as they say, is the spice of life!  Here are a few fabulous, but easy to grow squash seeds to sow in June.

3. Plant last-chance Pumpkins in June

Early in June is your last chance of the year to sow pumpkins.  This will give them lots of time to develop a decent taste and size.   Pumpkins are one of the great seeds to sow in June.  You’ll want to check the seed packet if you’re growing these to eat as many pumpkins are designed for size alone.  Some great pumpkin seeds for taste here.  However don’t forget that pumpkins are a great fun vegetable to grow, especially for Halloween!


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4. Put the last of the Peas in the ground in June

Early June is most likely your last chance to sow peas.  If you’re sowing towards the end of the month then you’ll want to find a faster-maturing variety, like “early onward”.  Get those seeds here.  The problem isn’t the weather of June, it’s the weather in autumn when you’ll be harvesting them, it can get a little cold, so if you do plant late Peas, then be sure to have a plan for keeping them undercover somehow as they come ready to harvest. Read more about growing peas in pots here.

plant peas in june

5. Green Beans Are a Great Veg to Sow in June – UK wide

Green beans are one of the most traditional summer vegetables.  You sow them after the colder weather vegetables are done.  Green beans go from seed to harvest in around 55-60 days and you can also succession sow them, to spread out your harvest times. > get seeds here.

6. Carrots are one of the best veg to plant in June

Carrots are a fabulous vegetable to plant in June.  Carrots don’t take up much room and they’re also fab veg to grow in containers especially if you don’t have much space.  You can sow carrot seeds in June and they’ll be ready for harvest in about 65-70 days.  Best carrots to grow easily here You don’t need to worry about them in the coolness of Autumn and they do like shade too, so plant them in the shade of other vegetables – maybe the tomatoes?  You can plant carrots up until the beginning of August.  Read about growing carrots in pots here.

7. Cucumbers are fab vegetables to sow in June UK weather depending

Now I’m writing this with a proviso.  If it’s a cold June, then you’re going to want to put planting the cucumbers on hold.  If it’s forecast to be a cold wet miserable June you might not even want to bother.  Cucumbers are a vegetable that needs heat.  So your soil temperature needs to be warm and you’ll need the general weather to be warm too.  Cucumbers, however, are one of the fast summer vegetables.  If you’re looking for smaller pickling cucumbers, you’ll likely see a harvest in 50 days, for bigger ones add another 5-10 days.    Get smaller cucumber seeds here.

You don’t need much space for cucumbers, so why not use them to fill in between other vegetables? Want to grow cucumbers? Here’s our cucumber growing guide.

8. Salad Leaves Are Awesome Vegetables you can plant in June

I feel, when I type this, that I’m sounding like a broken record, but you know how much we love our salad leaves here, not just because they’re a seriously easy vegetable to grow, but also because they save us so much money!   A perfect salad leaf planting plan will keep you going throughout the entire Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Top Pick of Lettuce and Salad Leaf Seeds to Grow

And oh for a polytunnel to give fresh salad through the winter eh?   You don’t need a heap of space for salad leaves.  Plant your salad leaves in grow bags, straight into a bag of compost, in tubs, containers, or event buckets!  Just plant a few at a time, based on what your eating requirements – or vegetable gifting requirements are. Our favourite salad leaves are here.

plant salad leaves in june

9. Spring Onions are one of the best vegetables to grow in June

We haven’t touched on Spring Onions previously – as we’ve been focusing on the best vegetables that are easy to grow, and that saves you the most money.  However, that’s not to say that spring onions aren’t easy to grow.  They are!  So now you’ve got a little confidence going in the vegetable garden, why not sow some spring onions in June.  Spring onions don’t need much space and if you plant them now, you can get a great harvest in the autumn.  Spring onions are a great vegetable to grow in pots, especially if you don’t have much space.  These are our favourite spring onions for pots here.

10. Grow Mushrooms In June

Mushrooms are one of those vegetables that can be grown all year round – if you’ve got the right environment and with a mushroom growing kit, it’s really easy to grow your own mushrooms.   We started growing white mushrooms and then expanded our mushroom growing to include chestnut mushrooms, shiitake and oyster mushrooms. 


The Best Mushroom Growing Kit

This excellent Mushroom Growing kit from the folks at Merryhill Mushrooms is the perfect starter mushroom growing kit and it’s so easy to get started with full instructions

This is the best starter kit here), but you can also grow chestnut mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.  Give it a go!  Here are our favourite kits for mushroom growing if you’re a beginner. 

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Final Words on What Vegetables Can You Plant in June

Summer is generally here in June and the weather is a lot warmer and it’s not so much what to grow in June, rather how many June vegetables you can sow!  In June there is a combination of what veg to plant in June,  what to sow in June, what vegetables to transplant in June, and what veg to thin out in June.  It’s time, in the vegetable garden to continue with your succession sowing – there are a whole lot of vegetables that can be sown in June and it’s also time to plant some vegetables that will mature and harvest in the late autumn.  It’s a great time to try some new vegetables, perhaps cucumbers or green beans.  June is also a time to get some root vegetables in the ground for the autumn and winter.

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