vegetables to plant in november

What Vegetables to Plant in November [Outdoor & Indoor]

While in general outdoor growing tends to come to a halt during November it’s going to depend on the weather in the year.  It doesn’t stop you, however from sowing some vegetable seeds – and if you have a greenhouse or space to sow seeds inside, then you can keep going with your vegetable growing.  One of the great benefits of sowing vegetable seeds in the late Autumn is that you’ll get some fresh vegetables to harvest in the Spring.  It’s worth taking advantage of every sunny warm windowsill to start vegetables, grow a few herbs and even get some chillies started!  Here’s our guide to what vegetables to plant in November both inside and outside.


What Vegetables to Plant in November

Grow Mushrooms in November

We started growing mushrooms for the first time earlier this year and it has been fantastic.  Growing mushrooms is incredibly easy and mushrooms can grow year-round.  The easiest way to grow mushrooms – from white button mushrooms to oyster mushrooms, chestnut and shiitake – is by using a prepared kit. 



The Best Mushroom Growing Kit

This excellent Mushroom Growing kit from the folks at Merryhill Mushrooms is the perfect starter mushroom growing kit and it’s so easy to get started with full instructions

These come with the growing materials – which can be a box of treated compost and manure or a log, the mushroom spawn and full instructions.    Growing mushrooms in November has never been easier – from starting off to your first harvest can be as little as 3 weeks!  Read our guide to the best mushroom growing kits here  – or buy the quickest and easiest mushroom growing kit here

Plant Garlic in November for a Spring Harvest

I know we mentioned planting garlic in October, but there’s nothing to stop you from planting it in November as well or instead of October.  Garlic is a great vegetable to grow in the ground, but we’ve also grown it successfully in pots and containers (and being the owners of a backyard) that’s our preferred method.  Great varieties of garlic to grow for beginners are Vallelado and the “Flavour” variety also grows well when planted in November. > get garlic to grow here 

plant garlic in november

Plant Onion Sets in November

We’re big advocates of the idea of succession planting so that you get a steady supply of fresh vegetables throughout the season.  Onions are another of those that we like to plant in succession – so we’ll tend to start in September and keep going and planting onion sets through November too.  Onions overwinter well in both pots and containers as well as directly into the ground. We’ve found that the Radar variety is a good option. > Here’s onion sets you can plant now!


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Sow Peas in Containers in November

We love having fresh peas to harvest in the early Spring, so sowing peas such as Kelvedon Wonder and Meteor means that you’ll be harvesting in early spring.  We prefer to grow our peas in pots and containers and protect them from slugs. > Buy peas to plant here

plant peas in november

Sow Spring Onions in November for a Spring Harvest

Sow winter varieties of spring onions like Performer now and you’ll be harvesting in the Spring.  Performer grows well in pots and containers, but can also be sown directly into the ground.  Depending on the weather you may need to protect them with a cloche or in a greenhouse.  Get spring onion seeds here.  Growing in pots makes it easy to move them into the greenhouse if the weather does turn particularly cold or wet.  Cold and wet weather means cold and wet hands – unless you’ve got a decent pair of gloves – here’s our guide to the best gardening gloves around.

Plant Rhubarb in November

Rhubarb can be grown from seed, but can’t be harvested until its second year, so you’re best buying a Rhubarb crown (a year old plant) and planting that. 



The Best Rhubarb Crowns

You can preorder these Rhubarb Crowns to be delivered during planting season. They’re a great selection and this is the fastest way to grown rhubarb.

Rhubarb crowns are best planted in the spring and autumn months, but you can also plant a dormant crown now.  Pick up a rhubarb crown and get started now – or read more about growing rhubarb in our guide here.

Continue Planting Spring Cabbage in November

There’s nothing better in the spring after a long winter of heavy root vegetables than some fresh greens and Spring Cabbage is perfect, so carry on with the succession planting of Spring Cabbage for great harvesting in Spring and into early summer.  Don’t forget that you need the cabbage to have attained a reasonable size to survive the winter.  Durham Early is a good variety for overwintering.  > start planting spring cabbage now!

Sow Salad Leaves in November

If you haven’t yet picked up a mini greenhouse (check our guide to them here ), then we seriously recommend them.  They’re not expensive and it means you can keep sowing and expecting salad leaves throughout the winter. Try mizuna and spinach for some great fresh greens outside > here are the seeds for that. Alternatively, commandeer a sunny windowsill inside.

sow salad leaves in november

Sow Chilli Peppers in November

There’s nothing like a bit of colour on the window sill or in the greenhouse during the winter months.  You can sow chilli peppers any time of year, but it’s fabulous to grow them over winter for this colour in your life. 


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Top Chilli Growing Seed Packs

Read our guide to the best chilli growing kits – the easiest way to start growing chillies. They will need warmth, so the inside is better than the greenhouse unless you have a heated greenhouse.  A good sunny window sill and you’ll get a good harvest.  Then, when you end up with a great harvest, read our article on how to preserve chillies here

What Vegetables to Harvest in November

November should see the last of maincrop potatoes and carrots being taken out of the ground or containers.  Our full guide on how to grow potatoes in bags is here – including when you will have needed to plant potatoes to harvest in November. Spinach also will likely be in its last hurrah.  And just in time for the chilly autumn nights, any leeks that you’ve planted will be starting to be ready to harvest. 

What Jobs to do in the Garden in November

Keep digging.  As you take out vegetables don’t just leave the ground.  Dig it over, cover with manure.  Break up any big clumps of soil. 

Keep adding to your compost and turning it if you’re using a drum-type composter > check out the best compost bins here.

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Final words on Vegetables to Plant in November

November is a great time of the growing season to sow some seeds and sets that will bring early Spring harvests.  You’ll do especially well if you have sunny window sills for herbs, chilli peppers and some salad leaves.  Greenhouses can be used for containers of peas and moving pots inside if the weather does turn nasty. 

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