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Welcome to Lets Grow Cook – your single source for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits and cooking and baking with them too.  We focus on what’s easy to grow in the UK, in small spaces, inside and with a minimum of fuss and mess. 


We’re based in the UK and our reviews, suppliers, and content is based on the UK market, UK availability, and sources.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow some of the vegetables, fruits and herbs that we write about in other places too – you’ll just need to check local conditions and seed suppliers.

All About Growing Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits

If you’re new to growing your own food then you might want to check some of our informational articles which cover

Making it Easy to Get Started Growing

At Lets Grow Cook we’re all about making it easy to get started growing vegetables, herbs and fruits.  After all, if something is easy you’ll do it more often, right?  So for our time saving, money saving and ease of use growing you’ll find these articles useful.

Monthly Guides to Sowing & Planting Vegetables

The Best Gardening Gear and Equipment

Life is always easier and better with the right gear.  Using the right tool for the job makes it a whole lot quicker and you’ll get better results and not waste time being frustrated with the wrong kit.  So for answers like what’s the difference between greenhouses and polytunnels? Do gardening gloves make a difference? And do potatoes grow better in bags? Come on over and check out some of our posts on the best kit to use – that doesn’t cost a fortune.  We answer these questions and more in our guides to the best equipment, gear, and kits available. Check out our gardening gear and equipment here.

What to Cook with your Home Grown Produce

Here are just some of our favourite homegrown recipes

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