best hydroponic fruits to grow

Easy Hydroponic Fruits to Grow [Best Fruit to Grow Hydroponically]

Growing fruits using hydroponic systems means that you can grow fruits regardless of the season or climate outside.  Hydroponics enable you to simulate the best possible environment for your fruit plants, provide it with the right nutrients at the right time and thus allow them to grow quickly and healthily.  This mix of the right environment and the right nutrients at the right time, with virtually all pests and diseases, removed means that you’ll get great tasting, healthy fruit with an increased yield in a shorter timeframe than conventional gardening.  Here’s our guide to the best hydroponic fruits to grow.


What Are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is simple.  It is growing plants in water without soil.  Nutrients are provided to the roots of the plant within the water supply system at the optimum level for plant growth and yield.   Hydroponically growing fruits, vegetables and herbs is a proven way to grow edibles without the need for soil, compost, outside space or even natural light!

This guide to growing fruits hydroponically is a series of articles that we’ve put together about hydroponics – so there are many more details on

But for now, in this guide to the best fruits to grow hydroponically, settle in and let’s get started!


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The Easiest Fruits to Grow With Hydroponics

Technically it’s possible to grow any fruit hydroponically, but some types of fruit grow better hydroponically than others.   You’ll tend to find that fruits that do well in a wet environment flourish when being grown in a hydroponic system.   We’d include strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries and grapes in these fruits that grow well hydroponically.  Other fruits, like blueberries, which only flourish in certain settings (blueberries require really quite acidic soil conditions) will also do well hydroponically as it is easier to maintain nutrients and pH levels in hydroponics than it is in a pot or the garden.  Here are some of the easiest fruits to grow hydroponically.


The Best Hydroponic Starter Kit

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Grow Strawberries easily with hydroponics

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits grown hydroponically.  And that’s commercial hydroponic production as well as homegrown hydroponics.  Strawberries have been grown hydroponically on a large scale for decades.  Strawberries thrive in wet conditions and are good growers in a hydroponic system.  You will usually find that strawberries that are grown hydroponically produce more and bigger fruits quicker and all year round.   Fresh strawberries at Christmas with the lowest carbon footprint you can imagine!

Growing strawberries hydroponically takes about 2 months to harvest and with hydroponics, you can remove the pests and grow juicier and bigger fruits.  Growing strawberries hydroponically is a great choice for beginner fruit growing using hydroponics.

There are two different hydroponic techniques for growing strawberries.  We cover these in much more detail in our beginner hydroponics guide.

  • N.F.T (Nutrient Film Technique) – this is where you put your strawberry plants in a pot of net so that the roots are hanging.   Your grow trays are set on an incline and the nutrient solution is pumped around continuously.
  • Ebb and Flow – gravity is used to flood the nutrient solution around the roots of the strawberry plant which remain submerged in growing medium and nutrient solution.

The easiest way to get started growing strawberries hydroponically is with a small hydroponic system and strawberry set pods. This gorgeous design hydroponic garden from Click and Grow comes with seed pods for tomato, basil and lettuce – and you can buy wild strawberry seed pods here too. It is the best hydroponic system for strawberries for beginners and will teach you the basics of how to grow strawberries hydroponically.

Growing Blueberries Hydroponically

Blueberries are often difficult to grow in a conventional garden because they need highly acidic soil.  Hydroponics means that you can closely control the environment that you create for your hydroponic fruits – so you can easily control the pH content of the water and nutrients for your blueberries.  You’ll need to ensure you have very acidic conditions – usually a pH of between 4.5 and 5.8.  If it’s not acidic enough then your blueberry plants won’t take up the nutrients, won’t grow and you won’t have any blueberries to harvest.  Blueberries will also need between 12 and 16 hours of light daily, so a hydroponic system with a good grow lamp system is imperative.  Additionally, blueberries grown hydroponically need sulphur as an essential nutrient, you can get around having to buy additional sulphur by planting your blueberry next to garlic as this produces sulphur.

Growing Raspberries Hydroponically

There are two types of raspberries that you can opt to grow as a home fruit grower – raspberries that produce fruits in the summer (known as floricane) and those that produce fruit in the autumn (primocane).  When it comes to growing raspberries hydroponically, you’ll want to opt for primocane, autumn producing hydroponic raspberries as they will produce more berries throughout the year.  They also take up less space than floricane raspberries, which makes them perfect for hydroponic systems.  When growing raspberries hydroponically it’s also better to opt for a raspberry transplant rather than from seed – they’re much easier to grow.


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Raspberries grown hydroponically need a minimum of 6 hours of light each day, but the closer you get to 12 hours the better the results will be.  Hydroponic raspberries need a pH between 5.8 and 6.5 and food temps of between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius.  If you’re growing raspberries hydroponically you can expect to harvest berries 12 months a year!

Growing Tomatoes Hydroponically

Tomatoes are an excellent and easy fruit to grow hydroponically.  They’re a vining plant, need little ground space and you can grow many different varieties of tomatoes hydroponically.  They’re easy to grow, but they do need a lot of light, so you’ll need to have a hydroponic system that has a grow light or buy some additional lights.  We tend to eat tomatoes are vegetables, and so we’ve covered them in our guide to hydroponic vegetables too.

This fabulous hydroponic garden from Click and Grow comes complete with Basil, Lettuce and mini tomato seed pods, so you’re ready to go and start growing tomatoes hydroponically straight away. Check out more reviews and buy now.

What other fruits can be grown hydroponically?

You can also grow grapes, cranberries, watermelons and cantaloupes hydroponically, but you’ll need a bit more experience and we wanted to focus this article on the easiest fruits to grow hydroponically.

Why Grow Fruits with Hydroponics?

There are a huge number of benefits to growing fruits hydroponically, and we’ve covered this in great detail in our article on the benefits of hydroponics – so head on over there to find out more detail.  For here and now, you should grow fruits with hydroponics because

  • Hydroponically grown fruits are a great efficient use of space
  • If you have no suitable outside space you can grow hydroponic fruits
  • There’s none of the mess of compost or soil with hydroponic fruits
  • On average hydroponic fruits grow 30% faster than traditionally grown fruits
  • Hydroponic fruits tend to have higher yields than traditional fruits
  • There are fewer pests around your fruits with hydroponics

FAQ on Growing Easy Hydroponic Fruits to Grow

Got questions about growing fruits hydroponically?? Or want to know what to look for with hydroponic fruits and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about hydroponics and fruits below, or ask us yours in the comments.

Are some fruits more suitable for growing using hydroponics than others?

Yes.  While technically all fruits can be grown hydroponically, some are more suited to it than others.  Much depends on the environment that you can create.  If you were to pick on fruit to grow hydroponically, then we’d recommend growing strawberries hydroponically. This gorgeous design hydroponic garden from Click and Grow comes with seed pods for tomato, basil and lettuce – and you can buy wild strawberry seed pods here too.

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Final Words on the best Hydroponic Fruits to Grow

It’s technically possible to grow any vegetable hydroponically, but you’ll get the most success in hydroponic fruit growing if you go for fruits that are the easiest to grow.  We hope that this guide on the best fruit to grow hydroponically is useful to you. Faster growth, higher yields and less mess are just some of the reasons to start growing fruits hydroponically.  It’s simple to get started growing fruits hydroponically and the only thing you’ll ask yourself is why you didn’t start sooner!

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