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Homemade Blackberry Gin Recipe [Bramble Gin]

This is a seriously quick, easy recipe for Blackberry Gin.   You can easily forage the blackberries – aka brambles – from the hedgerows if you don’t grow cultivated blackberries.  Our homemade blackberry gin has simple ingredients and easy instructions.    Harvest free blackberries anytime from August until late Autumn as they grow wild throughout the UK and you’ll have a feast on your hands.  Make them into this fabulous homemade blackberry gin recipe and you’ll have a fabulous fruit gin ready just two weeks later.   Welcome to our Homemade Bramble Gin Recipe!


You can make Blackberry Gin at any time of the year – as long as you can get hold of the main ingredient – blackberries!    If you’re growing your own blackberries, then you’ll be harvesting them from the end of July/early August through until the middle of October and that’s when the hedgerows will be bursting with them.  You can also use frozen blackberries if you’re wanting to make bramble gin out of season. 

Homemade Blackberry Gin Ingredients

I’ve shown the ingredients based on using 1 litre of gin.  This makes a good Moorish Blackberry.  To make smaller amounts, I’ve detailed the relevant amount of ingredients by specific millilitres measurements below the ingredients for Blackberry Gin.

  • 1 litre of Gin** (use a plain, non-flavoured gin)
  • 500g of Blackberries
  • 225g of caster sugar*

To make different amounts of Blackberry Gin here are the relevant ingredients per 100ml of Gin.

  • 100 ml Gin / 50 g Blackberries / 22g of caster sugar
  • 500ml Gin / 250g Blackberries / 115g caster sugar

* you can use ordinary white sugar in place of caster sugar, it may take more stirring and also longer to dissolve.  You should not use any type of brown sugar, it will give you a distinctly different taste.

** don’t use an expensive botanical gin, as your blackberries will compete with the botanicals. 

Equipment you’ll need to make Blackberry Gin

You’ll find details of this equipment in our kitchen essentials list here.

homemade blackberry gin and cocktail

How to make our Homemade Blackberry Gin Recipe

Wash the blackberries and drain off the excess water. 

Add the blackberries to a large sterilized glass jar with a sealable top or lid on it.  The size of the jar that you’ll need depends on how much gin you’re making.  Note that this is not how you’ll serve it, this is the jar that you’ll simply be using while the blackberries infuse into the gin.  As an example, if you’re using a recipe with 1 litre of gin, then your jar will need to be capable of holding about 2 litres.  (There’s more here on how to sterilize your glass jar in our jam making guide)

Add the sugar to the jar pour in the gin and shake well. 

Put in a dark, dry, cool cupboard.   The cupboard should be cool, not humid.  Don’t put it in a location where it’s next to any heating.

Shake once every 2 days to continue to mix it up.

Your gin will be ready to drink in two weeks! 

After two weeks strain the blackberries and using a funnel pour the gin into bottles.

Homemade Backberry Gin - infusing and straining

How to Serve Homemade Blackberry Gin

Serve blackberry gin with your favourite tonic.  A twist of lime or lemon works well with this over ice.

I love a blackberry fizz too – using the gin-soaked blackberries added to a glass of cava or prosecco.

FAQ’s on Homemade Blackberry Gin

Got questions about our homemade blackberry flavoured gin recipe?  Check out our frequently asked questions about blackberry infused gin, or ask us in the comments.

How long does Blackberry Gin last?

We suspect you’ll drink it long before it goes past its before date.   However homemade blackberry gin will last for about a year.  After that point then it’s likely to still taste the same, but the colour is likely to change.

How should I store Blackberry Gin?

Blackberry gin should be stored in a cool dry place once it’s made.  Pop it in the cupboard with your other drinks.  There’s no need to keep it in the fridge unless you want it chilled and ready to drink.  Blackberry gin can also be stored in the freezer.  It won’t freeze, as gin doesn’t freeze until about -25 Celsius, which is beyond the capabilities of most home freezers!  It will, however, be nice and cold!

Homemade blackberry gin packaged

How should I drink blackberry gin?

You can drink it as it is.  At room temperature, chilled or fresh from the freezer.  Add cava or prosecco to it to make a blackberry gin cocktail – if you want to try a hedgerow twist on a Kir cocktail.  Try this blackberry gin prosecco cocktail over ice. 

Can I use frozen blackberries in blackberry gin?

Absolutely.  You can use fresh or frozen blackberries in this blackberry gin recipe.

Can I use the gin-soaked blackberries in anything else?

Oh yes.  Gin infused blackberries are fabulous in a glass of cava.  Or prosecco.   They make a fabulous addition to a slightly boozy apple and blackberry crumble too. 

Gin infused blackberries in a cava cocktail

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Final Words on Homemade Blackberry Gin

Picking brambles or blackberries from the hedgerows and woods is one of my memories of the late summer and autumn as a child and it’s still something that I delight in years later.  And still, there’s a fair few of them that never make it to the bag and get popped straight into my mouth.   There’s just something about a wild bramble that tastes SO much better than a cultivated one.  And, of course, it’s free – in monetary terms, of course, there’s usually payment in terms of scratches and thorns to be paid!   I love this recipe for blackberry gin with a good fresh squeeze of lime juice and light tonic water over ice.   It really, really tastes like autumn!

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