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The Best Grow Your Own Herbs Kits [Indoor, Self-Watering + More]

Regularly buying herbs from the supermarket can turn into a very expensive business and there’s a tendency to opt just for fried herbs (which we always have in our kitchen store cupboard).  Fresh herbs add a definite bounce to your meals, and for a relatively small amount of money, you can easily start your own herb garden.  There’s no need to spend lots of money with our Grow your Own Herbs Kit.


Best Grow Your Own Herbs Kits

We’ve categorized the best grow your own herb kits based on the different types of herb gardens, but we also cover later in this article, which plants to buy if you want to go beyond the herb garden kit.

Type of Herb Garden KitHerbs includedWhat It Looks LikeBuy Now!
Best Self-Tending Herb Garden KitGenovese basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, thyme, thai basil and mintBuy self-tending herb kit now.
Best Indoor Herb Growing KitBasil, Parsley & ChivesOrder for delivery now
Best Windowsill Herb Garden Kit - yes its the same as the indoor one!Basil, Parsley & ChivesCheck out reviews now!
Outdoor Herb Garden KitSee our recommendations for building this below!Build this now!

The Best Herb Garden Kits

We’ve looked at the different types of herb garden kits that you can buy – and they can be easily categorized.  So ask yourself the questions above and take a look at these options.

Normally when you start growing herbs, you either buy a kitchen garden herb kit, or you buy a kit for specific herbs – after all there’s no point buying herb kits for herbs that you don’t use!  Here’s our best individual herb growing kits.

Best Self-Tending Herb Garden Kits / Self Watering Herb Kits

Herb need lots of light for the biggest success, so if you’re concerned about a lack of light in your home, or if you’re worried that life will get in the way and you’ll forget your herbs, then this is the herb garden kit for you.  This indoor herb garden kit with light does it all for you.   There are several options for self watering indoor herb gardens, check them out here.

The AeroGarden Harvest with herb seed pots is amazing.  This self watering herb garden includes an LED lighting system to maximise your herb growth.  This is a hydroponic system, so your herbs will grow in water, not compost or soil (I immediately think no mess!). This seriously advanced herb growing system also has a control panel that means you get details on when to add water and food!  Lights are automatically turned off and this comes with a gourmet selection of seeds – Genovese basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, thyme, thai basil and mint as well as a bottle of nutrients that will give you a full season of growth.

This grow your own herbs kit is as guaranteed as it gets.  You have to do little else other than rock up and harvest your herbs.  It’s quick growing, seriously easy to use and produces great herbs.  Buy these self watering herbs now!

Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

The best way to get started when you want to grow your own herbs indoors is with an indoor herb growing kit.  Growing your own herbs indoors can be as easy as buying an indoor kitchen herb garden kit, planting it and well, thats it.  

This seriously easy herb growing kit is both pretty to look at and easy to manage.  It’s also cheap and will fit into a small space.   Read more reviews about indoor herb garden kits hereThe seeds are sourced from the UK, and this is the best selling herb garden kit – we think its the best indoor herb growing kit available at the moment. 

Use the coloured chalk to note which herbs you’re growing and personalise your herb garden and you can buy additional kits and seeds to change up your indoor herb kit!

Best Windowsill Herb Garden Kits

Sometimes the best place to grow herbs is just on a windowsill, but finding the right sized pots is hard.  So these window herb garden kits are a fabulous way to get going.  

It seems like a bit of a cheat to say, “see above”, but actually, the best windowsill herb garden kit is the one that we just talked about above.  It’s versatile, pretty and easy to manage.  Plus its very cost effective and when you decide that you have more space, just add another kit and it all looks beautifully coordinated!  Read reviews on window sill herb garden kits and BUY this versatile windowsill herb garden kit here.  

Best Outdoor Herb Garden Kits

If you want to grow your own herbs outdoors, then you can pick up a grow herbs at home kit easily.  When it comes to herb garden kits for the outdoors, your best option is to put together packets of seeds, or small plugs of the herbs you want to grow, add in the pots you want to grow them in and some compost.  Aim for a gorgeous aesthetic with the pots you choose, the stand you put them on and make sure you position it well for sun and shelter here’s our favourite combo.

We’d get mint and rosemary separately, because I’d want a bigger plant, especially with rosemary.  There’s no great incentive to keep growing herbs than by using them in your cooking and seeing them in your house and garden.

Make these Herbs part of your grow your own herb kit

If you’ve decided to make your own herb garden kit, then consider these.

Include Mint in your Grow Your Own Herb Kit

Mint is an awesome herb to have in your garden.  It’s one that you’ll want to grow outdoors and you’ll want to contain where it’s able to grow.  As such growing mint in a pot is the best way to manage it.   Get started quickly with these mint plugs, that are ready to pot – either together or separately.

mint herb plants for herb kit

Add Rosemary to your grown your own herb kit

You’ll want to start Rosemary in the spring (it’s one of our herbs to plant in April or May).  You can start a plant from a ready grown plant.  Rosemary needs a sunny, sheltered place and well-drained soil.  The easiest way to get started growing rosemary is to buy an existing plant and take cuttings from it.  Rosemary isn’t expensive, buy one here and get it delivered and get started!

Why grow your own herbs

There are several reasons to grow your own herbs.  The first at the top of my mind is the cost.  A large port of basil costs about £2 and I can barely make one portion of pesto with that.  A large pot of coriander costs the same and barely lasts a week when we’re having an Indian food session.  (find out what vegetables you can grow to save money here)

The second reason that I think you should grow your own herbs is because of the sheer convenience of it.  No having to dash to the shops to pick something up that you forget, or that they didn’t have last time you were in.  Just head to the sunny windowsill where you’ve stashed your herb garden, or the mini greenhouse, or even the pots outside the back door.

Having fresh herbs available at your fingertips will redefine how you use them in your cooking.  You’ll get to really to understand what fresh means, rather than the refrigerated, slightly tasteless offering that you might get from the shops.   You’re going to add some serious taste to your cooking, that will be really hard to give up.

There are noticeable health benefits to using herbs and spices in your diet – read about these here.

And if that’s not enough.  Think of the burst of colour it brings to your home.

How easy is growing your own herbs?

Growing your own herbs can be as easy as you want to make it.  The EASIEST way to get started is to grab a “grow your own herb kit” with everything that you need to get started.  Grow them on your sunny and warm windowsills to start with and then progress from there.

There are two garden herbs though, that I’d recommend planting in the garden (although in pots is way easier to manage than in the ground).  And those two are mint (think new potatoes with mint) and rosemary to add to that juicy lamb roast if you eat meat or rosemary roasted root vegetables if you don’t.   Both mint and rosemary are really easy to grow, but both can also take over a garden, so pot them in a pot with room for growth, we’ll cover these more later in this article.  We’ve detailed more on the easiest herbs to grow here.

What to look for in a herb garden kit?

When you’re looking for a herb garden kit, you want to take into account a number of factors, which we’ve condensed into these following questions to ask

  • Do you want an indoor herb garden?
  • Do you want an outdoor herb garden?
  • Do you want a windowsill herb garden?
  • Do you want a self-watering herb garden?
  • Do you want an organic herb garden?
  • Do you want a herb garden kit with integrated lighting? (perfect if your place doesn’t have much natural light)

Which herbs should you grow?

The best herbs to grow are a combination of what herbs you’re going to use as well as those which are easy to grow.  Mint and Rosemary are easy outdoor herbs to grow.  Basil, Parsley, Chives and Dill are easy to grow and all find their place in many famous British recipes.  The herbs that you grow will also depend on your circumstances, if your space within your home, within your garden or an area where you can grow herbs. Read about which herbs can save you money by home growing here.

What are the easiest herbs to grow?

The easiest herbs to grow are:

dill plants

Should you buy a “grow your own herbs” kit or create your own herbs kit?

We recommend listing out the herbs that you want to grow, identifying what space you have to grow them in and then seeing if you can buy a ready-made kit.  To be brutally honest, when you’re getting started its just a LOT easier.

If you just want to buy the plants themselves, then these are great options for your own herb growing plans.   If we were starting out today we would get one of these grow your own herb kits

We would also add these separate plants to it, as we love mint and rosemary

All our guides to the best garden equipment

Final words on the best grow you own herbs kit

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs that you buy on a regular basis, then this is a fabulous time to start your own herb garden.  It doesn’t need to be big.  Herb kits for the UK market are easily available and simple to buy or put together.  Whether you want a grow your own herbs indoors kit or to buy herb garden kit for outdoors, there is a lot of choice! Even if you haven’t been using fresh herbs in your cooking, then why not expand your herb horizons and get started with our top herb garden kits – it’s an easy way to test the waters, see how it affects your cooking and meal taste and then expand your herb garden in the future!

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